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The lighting of your property serves many functions; it enables you to highlight certain areas of your home or place of business. Proper lighting also serves as a security feature, as a well lit place is less subject to be broken into. When it comes to options for lighting your home’s exterior there are many options available on the market. But, what drives our desire to actually purchase a product at the end of the day is durability, functionality, style, and environmental consideration. Copper lighting fixtures provide all of the aforementioned qualities, making copper one of the most popular options on the market. When it comes to copper lighting fixtures the professionals at Copper Works Canada are the people you want on the job.
Durable and Functional
Copper is one of the most durable metals you can use for fixtures in the market today, heavy rain, blistering snow, and strong winds all have little to no affect on this metal. Unlike with plastic options, copper fixtures don’t become weak and brittle due to extended exposure to sunlight. A prime benefit of using copper lighting fixtures is that it will not rust or rot, but it will under go its own natural process of oxidation. Copper’s process of oxidation is known as patina, which creates a greenish film on the surface of all weather exposed copper. The natural layer created by this oxidation actually acts as an increased protective barrier against corrosion for copper, making it one of the most durable options for the exterior of your property.  
A Timeless Style
Exterior copper lights bring a timeless, inviting elegance to your property due to their eye catching appeal and gaining popularity. In the late 90’s and early 2000’s stainless steal was the standard for home owners. Today people are opting for the warmer more engaging appeal that copper exudes. As time goes on, and the above mentioned patina oxidation process will take place on your copper lighting. This process guarantees that no other home will have fixtures that look exactly like your own, making copper lighting a truly unique option. You’ll quickly discover that the patina copper will add a sophisticated elegance to your property. The benefits of copper lighting are not only esthetically pleasing but will also have positive results on your property value in the long haul, making it a worthy investment for the savvy property owner. 
An Environmentally Sound Option
Using copper as an option for anything around the home is a highly environmentally proficient decision. Approximately 55% of all copper used in the construction of any object including light fixtures is recycled, which helps slow down the exploitation of existing copper ores. Furthermore, copper has an extremely long life span often exceeding 100 years, so continual replacement of your fixtures is not necessary, further reducing your impact on the environment.
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